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        How to overcome foundation oxidation and stay fresh-faced all day?

        How to overcome foundation oxidation and stay fresh-faced all day?

        Why does your foundation looks flawless when just applied, but becomes dull before lunch time? You are not the only who has this problem.


        Just like the apple will start to brown after peeling, the reason that causes your makeup appear dull is oxidation. There are many factors that cause makeup to oxidize, such as skin texture, oily and tanned level, etc., all of which accelerates oxidation reaction. This is why, when many of you apply foundation, the shade looks clear and natural, but after a few hours, the skin becomes very dull and even a little orange.


        So why oxidation occurs? Oxygen, this is colourless, odourless, tasteless gas is essential to living organisms. Most living things need oxygen to survive, while oxygen also lead to decay and decomposition, such as moldy foods and rusty metal, as well as aging skin.

        First and foremost, moisturizing is the best way for the skin to resist oxidation. When the skin is fully moisturized, it gains a stronger barrier to resist oxidation and UV rays. However, if the skin is dehydrated, it becomes tender, more sensitive and oily which leads to faster foundation oxidation.


        For those who often apply makeup, they are aware of the importance of setting makeup. Skipping the setting procedure does not necessarily save time. A proper-set makeup separates the foundation from the air, which makes it appear more natural and long-wear.

        About the choice of foundation, since it glides directly onto the skin, make sure it’s lightweight and won’t burden the skin. Palace Identity’s Chinese Phoenix Foundation, this luxurious formula increases skin’s natural ability for visible self-repair, constantly improve the sallow tone and enable the skin to appear bright.

        Cakey foundation, why and how to avoid?

        Cakey foundation, why and how to avoid?

        There are two main reasons for cakey foundation, one is that the skin is dehydrated, and the other is that the chosen foundation is too dry hence not suitable for your skin. 


        Dry skin can cause a cakey look. When the skin is very dry, the stratum corneum will be lifted, which makes the foundation to be unevenly dispersed. And the sebum causes the powder to accumulate in the pores. The uneven skin texture also contributes to the accumulation of powdery substance.

        The dryness of the skin leads to poor adhesion between foundation and the skin. And those who have oily skin, pores are clogged and the T area become uneven after absorbing the oil.


        Hydration, hydration, hydration! No matter your skin type is dry or oily.

        Incorporate more hydration in your skincare routine especially before you apply makeup. You can try to mix some essence oil with foundation so the mixture glide onto your skin seamlessly. Palace Identity’s Color Correcting Primer and Chinese Phoenix Foundation are designed so save cakey face. The primer preps your skin for the following application, and our STAR foundation has an up to 12h oil-control when balancing the skin’s natural oil & water levels. 


        Find what you need with Palace Identity for a cake-free makeup look.

        What? Matte and moisturized, I can have it both?

        What? Matte and moisturized, I can have it both?

        What do you value most when choosing lipstick?


        Most choose the shade according to the skin tone, and then? After all, the color difference  on the lips is very subtle. There are so many other factors such as different lipstick undertones, consistencies, and finishes that can flatter your look. As a makeup brand, we are dedicated to the hues as well as the textures. With Palace Identity, matte finish and moisturizing touch, you can have it both.

        Lipsticks with matte finish are usually drier than others and they require a fully moisturized lips before application. But not for Palace Identity. Chinese Dragon Lipstick has a creamy texture that it’s softer to the touch and easily blendable. While gliding onto your lips seamlessly to conceal the fine lines, it outlines with definition to bring out the color. Only after you try it that you know how comfortable it sets on the lips. It is like a tinted lip balm but with velvety finish.


        Rich tones, bold pigment and little transfer, even better, you know our Chinese Dragon Lipstick carries a character like no other lipsticks!

        Combating dry winter skin - how to stop foundation from flaking?

        Combating dry winter skin - how to stop foundation from flaking?

        "Why you always hear different voices on the same liquid foundation? Some highly praise it while others strongly disagree. That’s due to different skin textures and skin care routines.


        Some have dry skin, when apply foundation before the dry skin is fully moisturized, the foundation is very likely to be cakey.


        For those who have oily skin and also have a preference for moisturizing skincare products, the foundation would slip off quickly. Especially when the primer and sun cream are included in the routine, the foundation would have a hard time gliding onto the skin.


        Nevertheless, flawless, poreless foundation look is still attainable. The makeup guru’s trick is to apply products in the right order.

        To start off with, know your skin!


        You need to choose according to your skin types and the makeup effect you desire. The kind of foundation that can conceal cannot deliver a bare-skin makeup effect. While some foundations are super long-wearing, oil-control and conceal all the marks and pores, they are understandably thicker and more powdery.


        Providing you choose the right foundation for your skin, take some time to observe the performance. If it shows your dry skin and still gets cakey, it might caused by dehydrated skin. So after the skincare routine, apply some serum to lock the moisture, and that should stop your foundation from getting caked on.


        Our Chinese Phoenix Foundation features a liquid-to-powder formula, which is ideal for combination and oily skin types with its up to 12h oil-control performance. What’s makes it stands out is that herbal ingredients it contains which can increase skin’s natural ability for visible self-repair, improve the sallow tone and enable the skin to appear bright.

        How long does a foundation last after it’s opened?

        How long does a foundation last after it’s opened?

        All cosmetics has its PAO and shelf life. For instance, a bottle of foundation, mostly in 20ml-30ml, some worry they will be expired before being used up. So let’s find out how long you can use them for.


        1.It seems the foundation bottle is really small?

        Generally, 30 ml of liquid foundation is designed to be used for 4 to 6 months, but if you don’t often apply makeup, you may be able to use it longer. For example, Palace Identity’s Chinese Phoenix Foundation in 20ml, can be used for 3-5 months.

        As we have covered before, liquid foundation has a PAO life. Once it’s expired, it posts potential risk to the skin.


        2.How long can the opened liquid foundation last?

        Liquid foundation generally has two expiration date, one is before opening and the other is after opening. Generally, they last three years before opening since the products are sheathed by packaging, so the storage time will be relatively longer. After it’s opened, you are referred to the PAO logo on the bottle, usually up to a year.


        3.How to store the liquid foundation after opening

        A: Liquid cosmetics are prone to deterioration when the temperature exceeds 25 degrees, so do store them in a cool place or in the refrigerator when not in use in summer.

        B: Ifyou don’t apply foundation daily, you can divide it into small bottles and keep them in a cool place.

        Gel Liner VS Liquid Liner

        Gel Liner VS Liquid Liner

        Gel liners and liquid liners are of different textures. Although both are pen-shaped, voices diverse on them. Today let’s go in depth on both so you’ll know which one does what.

        Gel liner looks like crayon, with round tip. Consequently the lines it draws are not thin, but can be smudged out for a natural effect.  


        Pros: 1, Beginner friendly. The filling are so soft and easier to control. 2, Natural lines without that rigid and stiff edges. It can draw fine lines which are perfect for neutral looks. 3, Mistake-proof. The retractable applicator makes blending so easy, especially when you want to accentuate the lower lashlines. 4, Go colorful! You got bored with just black liners? Choose a colored gel liner and lit up the looks.


        Cons: 1, As natural as it is, the eyeliner may not be able to achieve the precision and definition. 2, Because the filling is so soft, it might break when you apply. 3, Sadly it is more likely to smudge than liquid liner.


        Liquid Liners

        Liquid liner is similar to water paint. There are felt tip and brush tip available and draw lines that are more precise. And yes, I know you must have one of these in your makeup pouch.


        Pros: 1, Highly pigmented and fast drying. The longwear is enough to hold a look throughout the day. 2, If your hand is steady you can do a cat wing in a single pass. 3, Add more definition with the fine tip.


        Cons: 1, The lines can’t be fixed easily and it gets cakey when you layer it up. 2, The crisp edge means you have to wear a full face makeup to pull it out, otherwise the liner looks rather stiff. 3, A shorter PAO period. 4, Sometimes overly pigmented, unless you just want a jet-black line.  

        We compare and contrast these two mainstream liner products in the hope to give you some reference. Of course, you can always pair them up by using a gel liner for the roots of lashes and a liquid liner to wing it out.